Elizabeth Payce

Transformational Facilitator

Welcome to my world!

I am Elizabeth Payce, creator and owner of Payce Your Change, a special, safe and inspiring place for women who are 40+ to create exciting new chapters in their lives, the way they want to!

I was where you are now. I truly understand how you are feeling.

I’d love to help and guide you to create your own exciting new life through my transformational coaching programme

Elizabeth Payce, of Payce Your Change

A few facts about me

Elizabeth Payce skydiving with instructor

A little bit of background

Something needed to change

On the surface, it seemed I had a great life. However, I actually felt like my life was falling apart. I was newly divorced and stuck in a job I didn’t enjoy. I felt I was going around in circles, like I was disappearing down a deep, dark hole of mediocrity, facing a bland and boring future. I felt sad, unhappy and tired.

Empower, not devour

I also realised that because I was newly free and single with no ties, I was faced with an amazing opportunity to create an exciting new chapter in my life, but only if I had the courage to dive in and do the work needed to transform my life into something that would empower and not devour me.

I could create whatever I wanted, but with so many possibilities, opportunities and choices, how was I going to decide?

My personal journey

When I started my journey, I soon realised that it was not going to be easy without some great support.

I got stuck because I was trying to do this on my own.

I came to understand that making big changes when I was still trapped in someone else’s idea of what my life should be like, it was going to be impossible. I had to find someone to show me the way out and help me change my thinking and way of being.

The process I went through to create my new chapter, help me to clear limiting beliefs that were holding me back.  It helped me to rebuild my shattered confidence and my belief in me!

What does a Transformational Facilitator do?

The focus of transformation is creating positive and lasting change, that drives you to be your best every day. A facilitator focuses on guiding and supporting someone to achieve the changes desired.

As a Transformational Facilitator I use my life experiences along with other tools developed through my coaching and mentoring journey to empower you to reflect, refocus and reimagine your life in line with your dreams.

I now help fabulous 40+ women all over the world

My own experiences and journey inspired me to create a system to help other women, across the globe, to achieve their own changes and transformations. 

I realised that my passion and purpose was to help other women facing varying challenges, to create the life they want to live.

I have created a unique process that helps my clients to: 

I guide, support and inspire them on their unique journey of transformation to create their own new exciting chapter of life. Their change to embrace this next phase of their lives with unshakeable confidence.

This process is not a one-size fits all or a quick fix. It is a life-long process that becomes your permanent natural habit.

Elizabeth working with one of her 40+ women clients